szerda, szeptember 24, 2008

stitching up a storm

Wow the days just fly by when you aren't looking don't they! I can't believe its fall already, though I will admit it is one of my favourite seasons. I just wasn't quite ready for it yet, we hardly had a summer and here we are in autumn.

I've been keeping myself fairly busy the last little while, hence the lack of posting, as well as trying to have a positive outlook on things. Truthfully though its been difficult at best, especially when you finally think things are looking up, you go around another corner and something happens/doesn't happen that brings everything crashing down again. But we're plugging along and as I said we're trying to keep a positive outlook on things!

The last couple of weekends have helped as well, as we've been able to spend some time with a bunch of our friends, and this past weekend was one of the best so far. We really needed it, and hopefully we will be able to have/do more weekends like this in the future.

As the title of my post does suggest, one of the things that has kept me busy has been my stitching. I've got quite a bit done in the last few weeks and here is my progress on what I've been up to:

part 9 of "how does your garden grow" by Papillon Creations

I stitched the envelope for the mail art exchange I'm in, the first picture is the front and the second the back. I've cut the addresses out for privacy. Now I just need to put the thing together (*cough, cough, I mean Hubby needs to put it together) so I can mail it out by the deadline. The front is from a JCS Ornament issue (don't remember the year off hand) by Scandinavian Stitches and the back is by San-man orginals. Its stitched on a 32ct Silkweaver Solo evenweave.

Next up is a piece that I stitched as part of a SAR (stitch-a-round) It is "Always and Forever" by LHN - one of my many favourite designers, and it was a quick and fun stitch. I did it over one, on 25ct natural pearl linen. I'm not sure but I may make it into an ornament for our christmas tree, as our wedding anniversary is boxing day!

And speaking of christmas, last but not least, I've started working on Ethan's christmas gift (my great-nephew) who is now 9 months old - I told you time flies! If it works then these will eventually be building blocks for him. I am shooting for this Christmas, but if not then they'll still be good for next year!

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Karen írta...

Wow, you really have been busy stitching. Everything looks beautiful. I hope things get better for you soon. Staying positive during the hard times is always such a challenge.

helen írta...

Sajnálom, hogy folyton próbák jönnek és nehéz idők. Nagyon jól teszitek, hogy pozitívan álltok a dolgokhoz, másképp nem is lehet!

Nagyon szép dolgokat hímeztél és nekem is az egyik kedvenc tervezőm LHN és CCN :)

Clinique-Bogi írta...

Ismét csodálatosak a hímzéseid!

hortenzita írta...

Köszönöm, hogy "jártál nálam" és kommentet is hagytál.
Szépeket alkotsz Te magad is, különösen a növekvő virágos kert tetszik.