hétfő, október 06, 2008

Fall in my part of the world

October is here and it brings with it the wonderful colours of fall. It is my favourtie month of the year, and just always feels like such a happy month.

These first few pictures were taken from the top level of the parkade where I park at work. That is one of the things I love about my job, the perks of having a view like this. Now just to figure out how to get a window into the basement of the building so we can see this while we work as well, not just on breaks or when we are going to our cars.

The next couple are from our backyard. The sun was setting and the light yesterday was fantastic, it was giving off a beautiful orange glow. The pictures don't do it justice, but you can get an idea of the lighting yesterday evening.

2 megjegyzés:

helen írta...

Gyönyörű őszötök van! Nekem is a kedvenc évszakom :))

Nancy (kis mama) írta...

This is your backyard!!!! WOW this is a perfect haven which I would LOVE to have. Gorgeous Kati!!!!