hétfő, október 13, 2008

a weekend in the mountains - picture heavy

A group of 7 of us went out to Banff for the weekend and had a fantastic time. We had a great place to stay (despite the construction going on), went for a walk, had a spa afternoon and went out for a fantastic Japanese(aka sushi) dinner. We laughed, we ate,we drank (even me) and we played poker and yahtzee. All round it was a fantastic weekend for fun and relaxing. I believe we all had a good time and we really need to do it again sometime soon.

The first 4 pictures are from the drive up, of the beautiful mountains, next up the view from our room, then getting ready for dinner (I didn't get to help right away, as I was still in the poker game - I did loose shortly after though), then a few from our walk before it got too dark to take pictures. We also have a group shot (hubby's missing as he's the photographer) from after the spa afternoon, but before dinner - of course I'm the only one who's got the spa hair going on but oh well, it was worth it! And last but not least a shot of the guys.

2 megjegyzés:

Nina írta...

Nahát, milyen szép helyen jártál! :)
Látszik a fotókon, hogy remekül éreztétek magatokat :)

Suz írta...

What a wonderful trip! Just absolutely beautiful.