péntek, november 21, 2008

great mail day!

Work today was very busy, not more than normal, but the day just seemed to last forever and I was so drained when I got home. However not for long as I had mail

I got another SAR (stitch-a-round) in the mail - LHN Thread Gatherer. I've got a couple of small gifts and an exchange to finish up before I can get to this, but hopefully now that things are calming down here at home I'll have more stitching time.

The mailman also brought a giveaway gift/prize that I won on Mercy's blog - it was an envelope packed with goodies! I can hardly wait to stitch these up! They look like so much fun - especially the Hocus Pocus one. Again thank you so much for the wonderful and generous giveaway.

I am also part of a Hungarian Cross Stitch message board and every year they do a christmas gift exchange where they pull names, and I've participated every year for the last years so far. I quite enjoy it, though as you know I'm quite the procrastinator, so imagine my surprise when I got an envelope from Hungary in the mail! I opened it without even thinking, and I found my stitched gift inside! I didn't even think twice about who could have sent me something from Hungary, and was totally not expecting my half of the exchange to show up so early! I was so happy to see the gift and yet so disappointed in myself for having such a brain fog, as I like to save it and open the gift at christmas time by the tree. So thank you to my partner I love the gift! I will just have to find the right container/jar to put them on to be able to properly display how lovely the stitching is. For those of you who don't know Hungarian, they are stitched "lables" for your sugar and flour containers, as well as a lovely hand stitched card.

After all this I have one more thing to share! I also have a happy dance! I finally finished off my LHN Dog House Sampler SAR. I can finally mail it on to the next stitcher. Its not a big piece, yet somehow this one took me forever to work up. Its stitched over 1 on 28ct ivory joblean. It will be a gift for someone but I still need to figure out how I'm going to "finish" it.

note to Juls: I'm so sorry that I didn't say anything, I didn't think we would have time to even go to Stitcher's Paradise, it was a sort of last minute thing. We were there on Saturday, and there were a bunch of lovely ladies stitching at the front of the store... were you in that group? Hopefully next time (as I do want to go to Vegas again - and sooner than we did this time - we were there 8 years ago) we can meet up.

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helen írta...

Most már látom, hogy ezt a kutyis mintát nekem is ki kell hímezni :D

Cindy F. írta...

What wonderful goodies the mailman brought you!! Love them all!
Congrats on your LHN Dog House finish! It's toooo cute!!