szerda, november 19, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!

We went to Vegas last weekend (Nov 7-10) with a group of friends and had a fantastic time! (we need to go again!)

Here are some shots of: 1. Our hotel, 2. our room, 3-4 view from our room

Of course our reason for going was the Madonna concert and a little bit of gambling (okay a lot -but it was on the penny slots). The concert was fantastic, and if I could have, I would have gone again to the second concert the night after! It was so worth going.

We did some shopping, lots and lots of walking and we also took in another show while we were there. We went to see Carrot Top, and omg he was funny! Hubby's eyes were sore from rubbing them so much from crying - that is how hard he laughed and my stomach hurt I was laughing so much. We really had a great time, though I know we could have done more, seen more, it was good to just go and relax as well.

And of course being the cross stitch addict that I am, I also made a stop at the LNS, just to see what its like compared to ours here across the border. I will admit I was impressed with the amount of "stuff" they had in the store. The models were great - and all were labled so you know what the design is and who designed it. The wall of thread, well what can I say about that other than I want one!! DH came with me, but didn't take any pictures inside the store as he felt a bit silly in there with the camera around his neck. I did do a little stash shopping while there, I mean you can't go to an LNS and not pick something up! I didn't do a lot of damage, though I'm sure I could have, but I knew I had to fit it into the suitcase as well as the other stuff we bought!

I do have some more pictures, and will load them up onto my webshots album in the next couple of days, so please take a peek!

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Juls írta...

I wish I had known about your visit...i live in Las Vegas and am at Stitcher's Paradise every wednesday and most saturdays....stitching at the front table with friends! Glad you had fun!!!!

Nina írta...

Fantasztikus érzés lehet eljutni Las Vegasba... Én csak filmekből ismerem, tehát sehogy. De már így is csodálatos világnak tűnik, egyszer szívesen elmennék oda :)
Madonna koncert... Pláne! Hihetetlenül tehetséges művész. Micsoda élmény lehet élőben látni!
Jó Neked :)

helen írta...

Las Vegasba nem mennék :) Valahogy az a sok csillogás és pompa nagyon nem vonz... Párom emlegeti, hogy majd ha sok pénzünk lesz, el kell menni. Ilyenkor mindig azt mondom, hogy annyi soha nem lesz :D