szerda, december 31, 2008

another year comes to an end

Well its here, another year has gone by and a new one is about start. Time just seems to fly by, I really don't know where its gone lately! I will admit that this past year started out pretty good, but somewhere along the lines things changed and I can honestly say that I will be glad when its over. However, I do have some good things to share before the year is through, so I'll just contine with that instead of mulling over the bad stuff.

I recieved the best gift in the mail today from a wonderful friend in Hungary - Evi.

She made most of the gift herself. I got a wonderful pair of knitted slippers for here at home, which is great as I'm always cold anyways, and these will help. My grandma made me a similar pair a long time ago, so these bring back wonderful memories. She also knit me a cute little pin - a flower, to wear on my jacket, as well as the cutest little bear ornament you have ever seen! Also included was a wonderful little notebook - which I know is handmade, just not sure if by Evi's hand or not. I love the gift and I love everything. Thank you so much! I feel so utterly terrible, as my gift for Evi is still sitting here not quite ready to mail... I do promise it will be leaving shortly! Here are a couple pictures of the wonderful things I recieved. I'll add more later.

Yes I am modeling the slippers, and I did realize I had them on backwards after I took the picture... so please excuse that mistake.

I also have a couple of happy dances to share:

I have managed to finish up another giraffe, for another special little boy in my life - my nephew Tristan - my best friend's son. I know this sort of kills the surprise, but that is okay, it still needs to be finished into something! (that part will be the surprise)

The second finish, and also my last one of the year is the "how does your garden grow" freebie by Papillon creations.

Sadly for now this is the best picture I can offer as no matter how hard I tried tonight, the pictures all came out fuzzy... I will post better pictures later.

That is it for now. I would like to thank everyone who has visited me as well as those who commented during the last year as it is greatly appreciated. I would like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year, and may it be filled with lots of love, laughter, good health and most of all happiness.

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helen írta...

I'm so happy for you :)

The little notebook is not my handwork (it is my footwork to the shop and back)... I love the backwords wearing photo :D :D

Clinique-Bogi írta...

Boldog új évet!

Cindy F. írta...

What wonderful slippers! I've thought about making myself a pair of those:)
Congrats on your 2 finishes! The giraffe is just too precious and How Does Your Garden Grow is beautiful!!
We wish for you and your a most wonderful 2009!

pjutko írta...

Boldog Új Esztendőt kívánok Neked, Katica!