péntek, január 02, 2009

christmas revisited (picture heavy)

Happy New Year everyone! party

It seems that the holiday's have just flown right by, and I didn't get a chance to post any of our Christmas pictures.

The family came over on the 24 this year, and it sort of made us rearrange our normal traditions that we've been following since my mom passed, but that is okay. Everything worked out and we were ready in time. Christmas day and boxing day were nice and quiet as well, just the three of us for the most part (four if you count our kitty).

Here are some pictures of our tree, some of the decorations, the table, and of course a family pictures.

Onto stitchy stuff... in my previous post, I forgot to post a christmas gift that hubby and I made for a friend of ours. I finished the stitching awhile ago, but sort of put it away and forgot. Photobucket I went looking for something just before Christmas in my done pile and viola! it was found, so we finally finished it up and gave it to the person I stitched it for those many months ago! The pattern I believe is from an older Stitcher's World magazine, but don't quote me on that - though it is from a magazine for sure.

I was also planning on a new start for New Year's but changed my mind and decided on a WIP instead. So right now I'm working on the
Madonna Dolorosa - I'll post a progress picture soon. I am still planning a new start for "guilt-free January" but I'm still not sure which one. Too many are screaming my name...

Here are my choices (the few I've narrowed it down to):
  1. Fairy Moon by Mirabilia - have the pattern, and fabric, just need to get the threads together
  2. Autumn in my Garden by Mirabilia - have the pattern, need to pick fabric for it from my stash and get the threads together
  3. Table Cloth from the Hungarian cross stitch magazine (the red one in december's issue) - fabric is on order, and should arrive soon, and I have the pattern and thread (only needs one colour)
  4. Morning Glory by The Drawn Thread - have the pattern, most of the floss and the fabric is ordered, just waiting for its arrival.
  5. LHN - Neighbourhood - have the pattern, need to pick fabric from the stash and get the threads together.

Which would you pick?? So far Autumn in my Garden is screaming the loudest...

3 megjegyzés:

helen írta...

Autumn in my Garden :) I've never seen it stitched by someone before... :)

And the pillow with live, love, lough - it is just amazing! The colours too!

Blissful Loser írta...

Autumn in my Garden, definitely, All four of the seasons are on my to do list this year. And the Neighbourhood is too! LOL So I would flip a coin on the two of those ones, but get them both done this year, it's just a matter of which one is first. I still have to get the chart on the Neighbourhood though.

The family picture is fantastic!!!

Love you! Can't wait to see what you choose!

Cindy F. írta...

Great pics!!

I love all of your choices for a new start. I'd have a hard time deciding too!