vasárnap, február 08, 2009

a couple of freebies

Since I love oreos so much I thought I would share what I found:

Crochet oreo cookies and an oreo afghan! I found instructions for the cookies here so I'm guessing if you know how to crochet, the afghan itself isn't difficult and then you just attach a ton of cookies to it. I love it, and I think I seriously need to learn to crochet to make myself a blanket like this!

Another cute freebie I found is for cross stitch from "Les illes de Maryse" blog

The pattern can be found here just scroll down to the January 30th post

And one more Valentine cross stitch freebie from: The Stitcherhood

The pattern can be found here as well as a couple of their other free patterns.


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helen írta...

Thanks for the ideas!
I wrote you a letter ;) Did you find it? :)

Jucus írta...

Köszönöm! Ezek a szívecskések tényleg aktuálisak!:o)

katica írta...

Yes, I got your email, working on a reply now :O)

Jucus! Nagyon szivesen!