hétfő, március 30, 2009

another lovely spring weekend

Well we had a lovely week last week, a lot of snow melted, at least off the roads. Then came Saturday evening and it started snowing again. By the time we got up Sunday morning, we had at least another 15cms of fresh snow fall.

So after getting home from a wonderful brunch with a friend, we basically hit the driveway again to shovel away the snow. Here is what our neighbourhood and yard look like (still) With this amount of snow, who knows when the first spring flowers will start to peek out - probably not till May!

I finished off the letter "j" as well last weekend, but didn't take a picture as I started "k" right away. I've now finished off "k" so here is my progress picture of the alphabet blocks. Still way too many to go, but hopefully they will be done in time for Christmas. Just as an fyi, each square is 43x43 stitches with a backstitched border two stitches out. Each box is also completely filled so that means each box has 1,849 stitches. So so far with "k" being done I have done 20,339 stitches in this project! I was quite surprised when I actually counted it out!

This week I decided to pull out something different, as the letters were getting a bit boring and have started working on AimG again. Hopefully I will be able to get some good progress in on that one, and then maybe I'll go back and do another letter or two...

Also if you haven't noticed, there are two lovely giveaways located on the sidebar of my blog. There is still time to enter (one is closing tomorrow) so if you are interested just click on the pictures.

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Dani - tkdchick írta...

those blocks look fun and colourful!!!

Zsuzsa írta...

I love your new polka dot blog!!