szombat, április 04, 2009

swaps recieved

Earlier in the week, I recieved my swap from my partner - Eva.

I was very lucky to recieve a beautifully stitched and finished needlebook and scissor fob, that has none other than a fantastic Little Needle House design on it! (one of my favourite designers!!!) I absolutely love it and have already put the fob to good use on one of my scissors. Thank you again so very much Eva!!!

Its a funny coinscidence that the same day that my package arrived, my husband also surprised me with the ram in the picture as an early Easter gift. Then when I opened the package and saw the sheep! Perfect combination!

My swap that I sent my partner - Jucus, has also arrived! (quite surprising, it only took one week to go overseas). I am happy to report she loved what I sent her. I was a bit nervous as this is really only the second swap type thing I've sent, so I was relieved when she wrote that she liked everything. I'm glad as I had fun putting the package together. I shamelessly stole the picture from her blog, as I didn't take very good ones before mailing it off.

Now to just patiently wait and see when the birthday gift I sent (the second parcel) will arrive.

Right now I'm still stitching on AimG, and I'll post a progress picture soon, as either tomorrow or Monday I'll be switching projects! I'm also almost caught up on emails, so those of you I haven't written yet, please be a patient a little longer, its coming!

thank you for visiting!

3 megjegyzés:

Jucus írta...

Látom, Te is milyen szépségeket kaptál, gratulálok hozzájuk!
Várom, hogy megmutasd az AimG-t!

Cindy F. írta...

Beautiful exchanges!! I love every piece:) and how sweet your dh gave you the adorable ram!

mazsola írta...

gyönyörű ajándékok!:)