csütörtök, április 23, 2009

spring has sprung???

Well what can I say??? Just when we thought all the snow was finally melted thanks to beautiful weather we had on the weekend and on Monday and Tuesday, yesterday we got a lovely little spring snow storm...

Here are some pictures of our house/neighbourhood... in the one with the window box, you can see our tulips starting to peek out of the ground... or I should say what is left of them after the deer munched and had a snack with some of them Monday afternoon...

I haven't had much stitching mojo the last little while, so nothing to show on that front. I have been stitching, just nothing new or that interesting... I'm working on finally finishing the red and white table cloth's border so it can finally be hemmed and washed and put to use. Once its done I will post a picture. I really need to get back to my alphabet blocks but so many other projects are calling my name!!!

Following Barbi's example I did do a little stash shopping - not much, two charts and the threads that go with them. I know I said I wasn't going to shop till I had all my projects done that I listed earlier, but I have finished 10 things (there are actually 14 newly stitched finishes and one already stitched piece finished into something, so 15 total finishes listed on the sidelines). I could have done much more damage than that, but like I said I was good and only got these two charts.

The first one is "Take Time to Read" by Jeanette Douglas and the threads needed for it, and the second one is "Fruits of the Harvest" by The Cat's Wiskers Design Studio. I fell in love with this one when it was a class/retreat project and have been waiting patiently for it to come out for everyone else! So I just couldn't resist... I also got the threads for that one too.

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Jolene írta...

Wasn't it some great weather! LOL, yeah right! I was out raking Monday and boy was it hot, what a quick change.

I found and added your blog to my Google Reader a while ago, I need to read yours more often and try to get some stitching inspiration myself! After finally getting started again after about a year I have now again left it sitting under my coffee table untouched for the past month!

Barbi írta...

I think a little stash shopping is always allowed! Helps with the "stitching mojo"! LOL
Love ya!

Jucus írta...

Ez érdekes, hogy nálatok még hó esik! Szegény virágaid!
Klassz a két új szerzeményed - kell néha az ember lelkének egy kis vásárlás!:o)

Nina írta...

Még mindig havazik nálatok? Hihetetlen! Itt már majdnem nyár van... Most nem is tudom, hogy melyiket szeretném jobban, a hűvöset vagy a forróságot? :)

Nagyon klassz mintákat vettél, szépek! Eredeti fonalakkal fogod hímezni? Alig várom a képeket a folyamatról :))

helen írta...


Here is 15-20 celsius and t-shirts :)) And tent and ice cream :D

I like your knew choises!

Cindy F. írta...

More snow??!! NOOOOOOO;)
Like your new design choices!