hétfő, május 04, 2009

its finally here!!!

Spring that is! Beautiful weather, lovely sunshine, double digit temperatures, aahhh what more could a girl ask for - other than stitching time of course!

Things in our garden are starting to finally wake up, my lily of the valley garden looks like it will produce a bumper crop this year - definitely looking forward to those, and the rest of the flowers are all starting to slowly peek out from the ground as well! I'll post more pictures as things actually start to bloom! The trees are also starting to bud, and hopefully very shortly we'll have beautiful green trees and grass to enjoy!

One of our cactus plants also decided to bloom recently after three years of not doing anything! It also looks like it will have a bumper crop of blooms, we've counted at least 5 more coming... not like our christmas cactus that has been blooming constantly since december - though it does look like its finally slowing down.

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