szerda, április 08, 2009

Stitch, two, three

I know I said I was going to switch projects on either Sunday or Monday, but I sort of kept going... not sure why, but I did and here is my progress on AimG so far:

Also the birthday package that I sent out to Evi, has arrived and am happy to report she liked it too! I again didn't take very good pictures of the whole package, so she sent me a couple, but didn't take a picture of the back of the stitching, so I've included that as well.

Right now I'm working on a small bunny freebie for myself for Easter, hopefully I will have it finished in time, and then I really should stitch up a couple of SAR's that have been patiently waiting their turns... after that it's back to the grind with the alphabet blocks! So that is my stitching plan for the next little while, we'll see how well I actually stick to it!

3 megjegyzés:

Jucus írta...

Ez az AimG nekem nagyon tetszik, talán mert én őszi lány vagyok:o)
Évi ajándékát is megcsodáltam, nagyon szép dolgok! Az a kis gyöngyös muffin is szuper!

helen írta...

Ez az őszi kép hihetetlen jó! Nekem is ki kellene hímezni... csodajó színei vannak!

Blissful Loser írta...

AimG is Gorgeous! I definitely have to put her on my list of must stitches. And I love the cupcake!!!