kedd, június 30, 2009

more dancing and a sal update

I missed updating my blog yesterday with my LHN Sunday stitch a long, so here is my progress a little late. Not sure how the other two ladies are doing, but hopefully they will update as soon as they can. I love watching our progress on these, as all three of us are progressing in different directions so to speak on the design.

Again, I didn't get much time for stitching - which seems to be the trend lately for Sunday's, but I did get more finished than I thought I would. I know I keep saying this, but I really do like stitching these designs. They're just so fun. I'm looking forward already to my next one to start once this one is done! (still deciding)

Also here is a little bit of happy dancing, as I finished the letter "o" in the alphabet blocks. Again the ususal photos, a close up of the block and a "group shot".

Right now, I decided to pull one of my other wips that hasn't seen the light of day for a bit - I'm working on Autumn in my Garden this week before going back to the blocks. I'll show you a progress picture in a few days, once I have enough to warrant a picture.

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