hétfő, június 22, 2009

lhn sal update

Here is my progress from yesterday's stitching session:

Its coming along quite nicely, and though I'm not close to being finished, I was thinking that I would like to continue with these LHN Sunday stitching sessions. So girls, would you like to continue after we're done with this pattern? I know I will. I have so many LHN patterns in my stash that I really want to stitch, that this is a good way to at least get through some of them.

Jucus also tagged me in a meme, so I'm going to go stitch and think about it and then post a little a later.

4 megjegyzés:

Barbi írta...

YES!!!! Which one are you thinking??
Your progress is GREAT by the way

Jucus írta...

SAL - ba gondolod az LHN-t vagy LHN-eket? Melyiket gondoltad? Szerintem is jó ötlet, én is imádom őket!
Amit most készítesz is gyönyörű lesz!

Patty írta...

That's one of my favorite designs. I just popped in to see your TUSAL update. I love your taste in charts. :)

Cindy F. írta...

Such pretty progress:)