csütörtök, június 18, 2009

road trips and sal's

As I mentioned in my previous post, we had guests here till yesterday. They were here for a total of 10 days and we had a great time during their visit. I didn't get to see them as much as I worked during the day but it was fun none the less.

My husband and the two guests went on a road trip on Saturday to have a look at the scenery around here - they went towards Saskachewan to see what a real prairie looks like. They took some photos and I thought I would share some of my favourites. Please click on them to see them closer/bigger.

They saw a couple of animals along the way as well, and I just love these old farm houses.

In the stitching front, I was good and went back to stitching my alphabet blocks, I'm working "n" right now and am just a bit more than 1/2 done. I should have a happy dance photo in the next day or so. However, in the mean time I have joined another SAL (click on button for rules)

So as of today, I have emptied out my ort jar and have started brand new. I will have to find a bigger jar, as mine fills up fairly quickly, but till then here is my jar all empty and void of orts just waiting to start the SAL with tonight's stitching session.

We're supposed to do progress pictures every new moon, and since this month's new moon falls on Monday the 22nd, we'll see how much/many orts I can get in there before then.

I know its silly, but it is a neat way of recording your stitching adventures, and it will be fun to look back at at the end of the year. Let's see what I can produce in the next six months! So if you are up for a little silliness and fun, please join us!

5 megjegyzés:

Jucus írta...

Jók ezek a képek a kirándulásról!

Játszani hívlak, ha van kedved, részletek a blogomon!

Barbi írta...

I've seen the Ort SAL on quite a few blogs now. LOL I'll watch for your progress!
Love ya!

Cindy F. írta...

Beautiful pics!

I like Yoyo's SAL ideas and sometimes silly is just the right thing to get us inspired and motivated:)

Yoyo írta...

I know this is not my first visit to your blog but for whatever reason I didn't leave a comment last time I was here (I was probably making up the list and that is a confusing job for me so I don't always tarry) ....WELCOME to the Totally Useless SAL. I hope you have fun with it.

Saskachewan has a beautiful prairie, DH and I were there many years ago. It is very much like the central prairies of the US where we live now...but you have a larger variety of beautiful wildlife than we do.

Leanne írta...

I love your photos especially the badger. I also love old building they are so interesting.