hétfő, június 22, 2009

dancing, orts and stash

Where to start... let's start with the dancing! That is always fun!


I finished the next letter in my alphabet blocks, here is "n", as well as a "group" shot of some of the blocks around it.

Next up, its my progress report for the totally useless SAL - here is my ort jar so far:

And now for the stash... I picked up three Blackbird Designs charts and the reason I got them now and not later, as I'm supposed to is these charts have a tendancy to go out of print and then very difficult to find if you can find them at all. Two of the ones I got were actually out of print already but I managed to find them.

I got: BBD My Heart is True

BBD Thank You Sara Tobias - which I manged to find before they reprinted, so its not really out of print anymore

And last but not least BBD Blessing Be Thine - which I think is my favourite out of them

When I first saw this on Yuko's blog, I was in love and started my search, but found out very quickly that it was out of print. So I sort of gave up and put it out of my mind. Then suddenly I saw on Miss Jane's blog, that she had just ordered it from a little store called Country Sampler. So I quickly went to their site and ordered it for myself!

I'm not starting any of them just yet, I have too many on the go as it is... though I will admit it is difficult not to start anything new - and I don't mean just out of these three new purchases. I'm feeling the itch of startitis happening and that isn't a good thing. That is what got me into the trouble I'm in as is!

2 megjegyzés:

Barbi írta...

Oh my!!! All three of these are GORGEOUS!

Cindy F. írta...

Love the stash!! and congrats for finding the OOP design!

thanks for the store link too!