csütörtök, július 16, 2009

quick update

Just a quick update with my little finishes for Rita's giveaway contest. I stitched these up in two nights (one each) - they stitched up very quickly - I can see the whole pattern in my future as a pillow or table runner!

Here they are "unfinished"...

And here they are "finished" into pinkeep/ornaments:

The fabric behind them is what I used as the backs for them. Its some very lovey Hungarian "kekfesto" or blue print material (more information here and here) that I recieved from my sister-in-law last year when we were in Hungary. (I have a few meters of the stuff and I love it!)

I used part of this pattern from the Gyergoi collection that Rita provided the links for.

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Barbi írta...


Timici írta...

de jók és ezek is kékek:o)))

Szentpyr írta...

Jahjj, de szépek ezek is! Köszönöm, hogy a játék alkalmából újra hímeztél! Egyébként a te neved került fel elsőnek a listámra!;)

Cindy F. írta...

Oh wow! Beautiful pinkeeps...stitching, design, finishing and fabric! Congrats!!!