kedd, július 14, 2009

stitching and sal updates

I thought I would also quickly update you with my stitching...

Here is my progress on the Home of a Needleworker SAL... I didn't get as much done as I would have liked, I was tired from a very busy but fun weekend, hopefully it will be done soon, as we have our next pattern(s) already picked out for the continuation of the Sunday LHN stitchalong.

And here is my progress on Autumn in my Garden. I thought I would continue working on this one, as it is getting close to a finish as well.

Part of our busy weekend included going down to the Stampede on Saturday, and what fun! But what a mob scene! So many people! But I'm good for another year. I don't really have any pictures as we didn't want to carry it around, but I did have my corn dog, mini donughts and my root beer... you can't go to Stampede without eating/drinking those - at least no one in my family. I also played one of the games - the water gun thingy and manged to win myself a Kenny doll from South Park on my first try. I don't watch South Park but Kenny is my favourite character. I just may have to get myself a frozen Kenny to go with my Stampede Kenny...

2 megjegyzés:

Jucus írta...

Gyönyörű lett az LHN-ed! Azt az őszit meg...ahányszor látom...annál több kedvem kerekedik hozzá!:o)
Érdekes, amiket írsz a helyi érdekességekről!

Cindy F. írta...

Ha!! Love the Kenny dolls! Too cute!
Beautiful wips!!!