hétfő, július 06, 2009

stitch, stitch stitch

Lately that is all I seem to update with, but hey that is what this blog started out for!

Here is my update of our LHN SAL as well as the progress of what I worked on last week. I pulled out Mirabilia's Autumn in my Garden.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, as that is all I have for today.

6 megjegyzés:

Nina írta...

Nagyon szépeket hímzel és milyen jól haladsz velük!! Mindkettő csodás :)

Jucus írta...

Mindkettő a szívem csücske! Gyönyörűen alakulnak!

Abile írta...

De szépek! A házikós mintát én is nemrég varrtam készre... párna született belőle! :o)

Cindy F. írta...

I love both of these!! Beautiful progress!!

katica írta...

Koszi and thank you for the kind comments! I'm really enjoying stitching both of these and I have a feeling that both will be happy dances in the next little while!

Yoyo írta...

Your LHN is really coming along. I'm not much for Mirabella, but this happens to be one that I totally adore and it's looking great!

I left you a surprise on my blog last week, but forgot to come by and tell you about it, so it's here on this blog post, hope you like it.