kedd, július 14, 2009

canada day revisited (picture heavy)

I totally forgot to mention that on Canada Day, my hubby and I decided last minute that we would head out for a little mini vacation. It was a very last minute decision, as we decided right on the morning of Canada day - I think our saving grace for being able to get a hotel room, was the fact that the holiday fell on a Wednesday this year.

Anyways, we decided to head out to Fairmont Hot Springs for a couple of days... here are some pictures of our trip... (click to biggify the pictures)

Some of the mountains - you can see the devestation from the 2003-2004 fires, as well as all the beautiful new growth as the forest is literally reborn in front of you. I love driving through the mountains, they just take my breath away no matter how many times I've been before.

Some pictures from the view from our room.

Some of the Canada day fireworks...

I've also included a video of the finale part of the fire works...

And last but not least another mountain shot from the drive home - Castle mountain - my favourite mountain.

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