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belated stitching update

Things have been busy around here but I'll cut to the chase and show off my latest stitching progresses...

First off my progress for our LHN Neighbourhood SAL... I'm not ahead of Barbi at all, I think she caught up to me right quick with this week's installment!

I also have a happy dance to share... last week I mentioned that I couldn't decide between Mickey or BBD's Berry Time, well Mickey won! And he is dancing along side me as I manged to finish him up Monday evening.

Because I finished him up so quickly, I thought I would start on BBD - Berry Time, so here is my progress after one night's stitching. I'm stitching it on 28ct ivory jobelan with the recommended threads. I also want to stitch the scissor fob that is also charted in this! (please excuse my waste knot in the picture... I forgot to get rid of it before snapping the picture)

The remainder of my stash binge has arrived, both from Bobbi at Stitching Bits and Bobs and from Cinderberry Stitches in Australia. I really love this quilt square but am a little scared to actually start the thing! For now I just keep looking at it and checking out the instructions etc.

Stash: Mirablia Pixies - Bluebell, Magnolia, Sweet Pea and Pansy
Miss Crescent's Crowne - Love Birds and All in a Heart
Heart In Hand - Little Angel in the Clouds, Steeple Sampler
and Little Pumpkin in the Patch
Cinderberry Stitches - Blue Bird of Hope quilt square

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