kedd, augusztus 25, 2009

new moon and wips

Well I'm a little late in showing off my totally useless SAL progress for this month, since the new moon was on Saturday the 22nd... but here goes!

My jar seems to be full right now, but that is before squishing. A lot more thread and stuff will fit in once I squish it down.

I can also finally say that I stitched! I stitched a bit on Saturday and a little Sunday and some even on Monday! It was so nice to finally stitch again! That was a very long week and half that I didn't get a chance to sit down with my needle and thread. I made a little progress on my BBD's Berry Time, as well as a little on the LHN Sunday SAL with Barbi.

and yes, before anyone says anything, my grass is the wrong colour... it is supposed to be the darker green, like the flower's leaves, but I'm not sure how I messed up the greens and it is now the lighter one, and it will stay the lighter one... not worth frogging all of that

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