kedd, augusztus 25, 2009

St. Stephen's day - August 20 (picture heavy)

In Hungary, August 20th is a national holiday - St. Stephen's day. It is like July 1st in Canada and July 4th in the USA. St. Stephen was Hungary's first king and founded th Hungarian nation.

Usually there are many celebrations going on that day, including a huge display of fireworks, airshows, markets with with all sorts of wears and treats, and of course my favourite, a hand craft exhibition, which is usually held in the castle district.

Since we couldn't be in Hungary this year for the celebrations, we brought a little bit home for our community. For the past 4 years, we have been celebrating this day with a free lunch and movie on the Saturday that falls the closest to the 20th. This year was no different, we held it on the 15th, and this year we added a little something extra. We had our own hand craft exhibition, that was advertised to the members of the community to bring their crafts down for display. Though only 6 of people, including myself brought something this year, I think it turned out quite nice, and was a success. Many people complimented us on the beautiful works as well as said that they would love to participate next year if we do it again.

Here are some pictures from our exhibition... enjoy!

and a few close ups of the works:

crochted barbie clothes

embroidered pillows and stockings

hand painted ornaments (Matyo pattern)

more hand painted ornaments, as well as cross stitched ones

cross stitched pillow, pinkeeps and ornaments

crocheted table cloth

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