kedd, szeptember 08, 2009

i'm still here!

Things have been a bit busy here lately, at least to the point where I haven't stitched a lot and just didn't have much to blog about.

However, I have managed to stitch a little in the last couple of days - it helps that we had a nice long weekend, and that I'm also on holidays.

Here are some stitching updates...

On the neighbourhood sal with Barbi, I didn't post last week, as I only got maybe 10 stitches in. Definitely not worth the picture. However, Sunday I had a great stitching day and managed to finish off the blue house I was working on.

I also managed to stitch a bunch on Berry Time, its getting close to a happy dance. I did a little here and there last week, but I had a great stitching session last night, so I managed to get lots done on that one as well.

5 megjegyzés:

Barbi írta...

Gorgeous stitching, and I LOVE The autumn colours of your blog! So pretty!
Berry Time is definitely on my list for my next shopping spree.

Vonna írta...

You are stitching two that I have in my stash, and what to stitch really, really soon!
Beautiful progress!

Jade írta...

Your pieces are beautiful, I love them, especially the Neigbourhood sal!

Jucus írta...

Szépen haladsz mindkét hímzéseddel!

Cindy F. írta...

good job on your LHN:) I need to get back on mine too!