csütörtök, október 01, 2009

its october!!!

Whoo hoo! My favourite month is here! I love the fall, I love thanksgiving, and I love halloween! All of these are all wrapped up in this fantastic month! (not to mention my birthday month as well)

I'm going to be doing several giveaways this month, so please keep an eye out for them. They are open to everyone, and instructions/directions etc will be posted shortly for them. Though the giveaways will have a mainly stitching theme, those who read my blog but don't stitch are more than welcome to enter as well.

I am also happy to announce on a stitching note, that my JCS Ornament issue finally arrived yesterday! I've gone through it a couple of times already, and will admit that I don't like the new format, I hope it goes back to the way they did it in past years. Other than that small inconvience I did find several (okay 20+) ornaments that I could see myself eventually stitching.

Also in stitching news, have you all seen the new halloween release by Blackbird Designs - Midnight Watch??? This is a definite must have for me. I just love it! Its had fall colours, a black cat and the alphabet!! What more could a girl ask for?

I've decided I will be getting this as a birthday gift for myself. Its already sitting in my cart at two ONS' - I just have to decide which one to actually order from... the local one, which would be to support our "local LNS" or from the USA where it works out to be cheaper even with the exchange. (okay not by much but still cheaper) Decisions, decisions!

Till next time, happy stitching and enjoy October! Watch for the giveaways!!!

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staci írta...

LOVE that BBD pattern...it will make a wonderful bday present, enjoy!

KaLu írta...

i didnt like the new formart either ... i kept getting lost did you see any that you wanna stitch right away??