kedd, október 13, 2009

stitching update

It was a wonderful and busy weekend this past weekend. It was also our Thanksgiving long weekend as well as my birthday weekend so it was extra special. However, for now I'll just update you all on my stitching and the rest of the weekend can come later!

Last week, I didn't know what to stitch on, so I pulled a WIP, and worked on that for a little bit. I pulled out the Antique Lace canvas project. I didn't do too much, I did the filling stitches on another band before I put it down. I didn't take it apart to take a full picture, just the band I was working on. To see a picture of the whole thing click here to go to my post when I worked on it last.

Once I finished up that one band, I decided to pull out another Wip, this time my Hungarian Sampler, which I haven't touched since June of last year! I put this one down at the time because I really messed up with the counting/spacing on my fabric, and didn't have enough room to finish it as designed, so I improvised. Here is my version, and a happy dance with my Hungarian Sampler! I stitched it using DMC 310 for the black and DMC 815 for the red.

Because I was working on this one for a happy dance, as well as being fairly busy over the weekend, I didn't work on my LHN Neighbourhood this time round. I really need to start working on this as I'm really falling behind Barbi! Hopefully this Sunday I will be able to get some good stitching time on it.

5 megjegyzés:

Nina írta...

MMindkét munnkád nagyon szép, gratulálok a befjezésükhöz :)
És kívánok utólag is nagyon boldog szülinapot :)

Jucus írta...

Naaagyon szépek!

Barbi írta...

Congrats on your finish! I love the way that you've decided to end it. And your lace piece has always been one of my favorites.

Ganesa írta...

Gyönyörű a minta ... :D

Cindy F. írta...

I'm so behind on reading blogs, but just went over yours and wow!! So much stitchy goodness!

Congrats on finishing your Hungarian Sampler! It's gorgeous!!