hétfő, december 28, 2009

christmas at our house...(picture heavy)

Thank you all for the wonderful wishes on our anniversary, it was so sweet to read them. I can't believe that its been 12 years! Time really does fly when you are having fun...

Now that Christmas has past and things are settling down during the holidays, I thought I would share some christmas pictures of our decorations. All pictures are clickable to make them bigger.

First off is the outside of the house, with our lights on, the picture didn't turn out very sharp - it was chilly outside - but you still get the general feel of it. I love Christmas lights on houses, and I love to go driving to see all the different ones in the various neighbourhoods and displays. We start turning ours on the evening of Dec 6th until Jan 6.

This is the wreath on our front door. Its actually "new" its only the second year we've used it, as before we had a homemade one that I made while we lived in Hungary, but sadly it was starting to come apart.

Next is the garland on the stair rails going upstairs

Next come the dinning room tables... yes I did say tables! We had quite a few people over for dinner - family and some extended family - that we didn't all fit at one table. It was wonderful though, I love it when we have a full house.

And now our tree... as well as close ups of some of my ornaments.

The snowman, reindeer and blue fish ornament are the newest additions to my collection - all those kitties on there need something to nibble on! As well as you can see I kept the "believe" ornament for myself.

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Jucus írta...

Katica, valami varázslatos hangulat lehet nálatok Karácsonykor! Gyönyörű, ahogy a házatok fel van díszítve, kár, hogy Magyarországon ez még ritka. Gyönyörű az étkezőtök is és a karácsonyfátok is! Köszi a képeket, mintha a Lakáskultúrát lapozgatnám!:o)

Meadows08 írta...

Your decorating is very pretty. I love driving around at night and looking at everyone's Christmas lights too.

Barbi írta...

Everything looks wonderful!! I love the new ornies. And that little one on the table with the snowmen and penguins and such! LOVE THAT!!!!!