szerda, december 30, 2009

last happy dance of '09

Just thought I would share my last little happy dance of this year...

freebie found here
stitched on mystery fabric of unknown count (28 or 32)
border stitched over 2, dates and elves stitches over 1

I orginally saw it stitched up on Harmien's blog eariler this month, and thought it would be cute way to end the year.

I also completely forgot to post my tusal progress picture - the last of the year for that as well. The new moon came and went earlier this month - it was around the 16th I think!?! But its never too late to show progress pictures! Here is my tusal as of today.

Those are all my orts since the middle of June this year. Not bad if I do say so myself. I will be continuing along in 2010, but I'll start with a brand new emplty ort jar as of tonight. I can say that I got a good amount of stitching in this year. I still came out with more wips than I started with, but that's okay. I plan on doing a few new starts in the new year, but mainly would like to concentrate on some wips and get them done and out of the way. The problem is that I say that every year, and then I always stray. We'll see how well I will do in the new year with this.

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Edo írta...

Happy New Years! and Thank you for all that you guys have done for me this year. You knew just how much love and support I needed this year and you guys dug deep to stand by me!!!! Love you guys always!!!

Móni írta...

Boldog Új Évet Neked is! :)

Karen írta...

Cute finish...thanks for sharing the link. Great job on your TUSAL...good luck with next year.