kedd, december 01, 2009

oh the weather outside is frightful...

Boy oh boy its chilly outside! Its "only"-13 degrees celcius but it sure feel like a lot more! I've been fairly busy the last little while and its only going to get worse as the holidays approach, so that means little stitching time! I really hope I will be able to finish off all the ornaments that I would like to!

I finally finished off the last ornament of the Plum Pudding series - the little red bird, as well as managed to stitch the backstitch border around them all so I can finish them up as little pillows. I think stitching it twice is enough for now. I may stitch them again later, as they do really work up quickly and are really quite nice too.

Also during my surfing I saw a cute little ornament stitched up a few blogs so I hunted it down fo myself and have already stitched it twice! Its the "Joy" freebie ornament by Lilybet Designs. Another very cute and quick stitch.

You can't really see but there are white stitches scattered around the tree as if it were snowing, it shows better in real life. As well, the star buttons are missing from the tops of the trees, but I'll add those when I actually do the finishing.

Here they are all together!

Saturday, I did a little stash shopping. One of the LNS here was having an open house, as traditionally they are just an online store, so a couple of us decided to go and make a date out of it. Sadly there were only two of us instead of three, as something came up. But we made a go of it and our signifcant others ened up joining us for the day, so in the end there were four of us.

I had a great time and my hubby was pretty good, he enjoyed himself as well. We hit Traditional Stitches' open house did a little damage there - at least I did, and then since we were fairly close, we also went to Cochrane and hit the Stitching Corner, where I did a little more damage.

After we went to the two stitchy stores, we thought we would give the guys a break - though they did really well, and we looked around a few different stores in Cochrane. The weather was so nice - I think it was +8 or 9 that day that we stopped at the ice cream shop and each grabbed a cone. Yummy! (shhh... I will admit as good as Cochrane ice cream is, I prefer My Favourite Ice Cream Shoppe over by Garrison Woods...more flavours and bigger scoops too!)

Here is what came home with me:

Needle Threader - My Big Toe Designs
Joyeux Noel - Blackbird Designs
Button Up for Christmas #2 - Victoria Sampler
Button Up for Christmas #3 - Victoria Sampler
Time to Read - Jeanette Douglas Designs

With My Needle - The Goode Huswife

We really need to do this more often, if not the stash shopping but getting together with stitchy friends. It was fun day out.

Also don't forget to enter into the draw for the three prizes of my year end giveaway! I'm so excited to see so many entries already! Good luck to everyone!

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Barbi írta...

Great stitching! Awesome stash! You got one of the ones that I have my eyes on! I'm sorry that I couldn't make it! We'll have to set a stitchy date when the two of you can come over for some stitching!

Melinda írta...

A hímzések még mindig nagyon tetszenek!:)

És hát a bevásárló körutatok...! Egyszerűen csak irigykedem, jó?;)))