vasárnap, december 20, 2009

pre Christmas update... (picture heavy)

Things have been busy here, though I'm not quite sure with what... I just know that I don't seem to have enough time in a day to get everything I would like done, and that I always seem to be behind...

But enough complaining, let me show you what I have been up to... I've been working on finishing up the ornaments that I had stitched, as well as managing to stitch up a couple more... Here are all the "finished" ones together - 9 of them, I still have to finish up the 4 "Joy" ornamnets, but that is another story all together. I don't think I will have enough for all the stockings plus friends this year, so we bought ornaments again for the stockings. The stitched ones will go to various friends... though some/most will arrive/be recieved after the fact. I'll have to remember to start earlier next year to make sure I have enough for all the stockings...and to make sure everyone gets them in time.

I did them all with beaded edges, as for me its the quickest and neatest way to do them. I've also taken some close ups of the newest 3 ornaments.

"Believe" - The Sampler Girl

Parts of the 2009 Christmas SAL by Aurelle

It was also my great-nephew's 2nd birthday this past week, and with Christmas just around the corner, we only got him a little something, as I know there will be a few more things under the tree for him and his little brother... I haven't posted pictures of them in a while, so I thought I would share a couple of recent ones as well as the little stitched bag he got for his birthday from us. These were taken a couple of weeks ago at his grandpa's birthday dinner (my brother). Its funny the only good picture I could get of Ethan were when he was sitting at the table eating, otherwise all the other ones turned out blurry...

Ethan eating some of Grandpa's birthday cake

Joseph, Ethan's little brother making faces at Great Grandpa

Ethan's birthday bag

what's inside...little toys perfect for little boys

last but not least, my Christmas sleigh and reindeer

We finally bought our tree yesterday, but I still haven't done any decorating in the house, other than the above picture which is on our piano. The decorating and the tree will happen this coming week, with the tree being last... we normally only put the tree up and decorate it on the 24th, but family is coming over (plus a couple of extras for a total of 16 adults and 2 little ones) Christmas eve, so we will have to do it a bit earlier to make sure we are done in time for dinner. I'll post pictures after Christmas so you can all see.

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Barbi írta...

All your ornaments are absolutely beautiful! And I love the reindeer with the sleigh.
The boys are getting soooo big!

Karen írta...

Your ornaments are gorgeous. Love the finishing too.

Christine írta...

Gyönyörűek a karácsonyi díszeid!

Melinda írta...

Nagyon szépek a hímzések! Mind!:)
A kisfiúk édesek!:x
Boldog Karácsonyt!

AtiZsuzsi írta...

Your nephews are very cute! I love the ornaments you made, too!
Merry Christmas!