hétfő, december 07, 2009

just a quick update

Not much stitching has been going on in the last few days, the most I can say is another two "Joy" ornaments were finished. I didn't take a picture of those as they are identical to the last two I posted. My stitched ornament total is now up to 10. I still need a few so hopefully I'll be able to get more stitching time this week to finish some up. What little stitching did happen was on those two ornaments. And it looks like from now till the holidays all other stitching - including my LHN SAL is on hold, till I get all my ornaments stitched and finished up.

Weather wise, its pretty darn cold! We had blizzard blow in on Friday and all I can say is thank goodness I literally live 5 mins from work! The snow and blowing snow were yucky and made driving intersting to say the least! The good thing is that the snow stopped by Saturday morning but the wind stayed - that made the temperatures feel even colder. Right now its -22 outside and that has warmed up from the -29 we had this morning, though the wind chill makes it about the same.

Yesterday was St. Nicholas or Mikulas in Hungarian, and we had a very successful Mikulas celebration at our community hall. We always make 96 goodie bags for the kids that Mikulas gives out, and in past years we've had an average of about 20-30 bags left over that we split up to give to the seniors later on in the week. However this year, we didn't have single bag left! We had 100 kids - we were actually short 4 bags and had to get a little creative for those last 4 kids. But everything worked out and everyone had fun! No one could believe the turn out, and as overwhelming as it seemed at the time, it was fantastic to see so many little ones running around having fun.

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Barbi írta...

Congratulations on the finishes and the success at the Magyar haz!!!! Not much stitching going on here either.