péntek, január 15, 2010

just rolling along...

I continued with my LHN Neighbourhood SAL on Monday, as I said I would, and here is where I left off after that night's stitching session. I'm really enjoying working on this one, and it was so good to take it out after it being put away for just over a month! (my poor other wips and ufos are all grumbling that it wasn't them I pulled out, even though most of those have been put away for much longer...)

Then instead of going back and working on Blessings Be Thine or any of my other many wips, I decided to start another new project! I went stash diving (must be careful doing that, as I have so much stash that I could get lost in there!) and came up with this...

Not sure if you recognize it or not from this picture, but it is Quaker Diamond by Hillside Samplings. I've had it in my stash for quite sometime now, and not sure why I've never stitched it till now... I mean I bought it at the Purple Needle (great store, I do miss it) but that has been closed for just over 7 years or so now.

I'm stitching it on ivory 28ct joblean using GAST Simply Shaker in Black Raspberry Jam. You can't tell from the picture, but it has subtle colour changes from black to dark blue. As I was looking for an online picture of this pattern that I could show you all, it hit me that while I love my colour choice, I really could see myself stitching this again in a different colour way and on different fabric... hmmmm....nope have to stop thinking like that!

Anyways, I know one thing I would like to try is to tea/coffee dye my fabric, as ivory is getting boring... even though I do love that fabric, and is the main staple in my stash for when all else fails. I've seen several tutorials on how to do it, its just getting up the nerve to actually do it and then bake the fabric! I think that step scares me the most.

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Barbi írta...

ME TOO!! I would love to try the coffee/tea dying! That's what we should do one Saturday!!!!
Your Neighbourhood is coming along nicely!!

Jucus írta...

Ez az LHN valami gyönyörűséges lesz!