kedd, január 19, 2010

quick update

No LHN SAL update, but instead, here is where I am with my Quaker Diamond - its working up quite quickly so far. Though I'm sure the over one alphabet in the center will slow me down... I didn't have much stitching time over the weekend, Sunday included, so I didn't bother switching projects and instead just stitched a little more on the Diamond.

I'm also a few days late with this year's first installment of the TUSAL. These are my orts since Dec. 30, 2009 till this past Sunday when I managed to get a little bit of stitching in.

2 megjegyzés:

Abile írta...

Jópofa ez az üvegben gyűjtött cérnamaradék... idén én is elhatároztam, hogy elrakom őket :o)

Daffycat írta...

Wonderful TU SAL update! That is a LOT of ORTs!