szombat, április 17, 2010

saturday's drive by posting

I've been plugging along on my Quaker Sampling III by With My Needle, and I finally have a good chunk to show off... here is where I am as of Thursday night...

I'm really enjoying working on this, and I just love the thread colour - Rose Garden, Simply Shaker GAST, its definitely one of my favourites.
Thursday was also the TUSAL day, and I (as usual) forgot to post my ort jar... here its is... I just took the photo now, but I haven't stitched since Wednesday, so not much has changed.

I also got a message from Evi, who let me know my belated birthday gift to her arrived. Actually it got there very quickly, as we mailed it on Monday and she had it in Europe on Friday! I'm so glad though that it didn't take long to arrive, as well as to read that she liked what I sent her.

She was the suprise recipient of my Blackbird Designs - Bird in Hand. And we (mainly hubby) sewed it into a lined bag for her.

Also included in the package were 4 balls(skeins?) of Alpaca wool, two cross stitch patterns - one by the Trilogy: Friends in all seasons and one by A Mon Ami Pierre: Nine Red 1, and a small SanMan tuck banner - I love Tulips. You can see a better picture of them on her blog, as I took my pictures late Sunday night before quickly packing it to mail.

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helen írta...

I like? I love the pack that you sent to me... Thank you! Again :)))
The wool's gona be a nice shawl :) And the tulips banner: did you know that I'm a tulip fan? I'm doing it, this will be my next work :))

Lois írta...

What a lovely WIP! The Rose Garden thread is perfect for it. I really like your BBD bag. Lucky Evi!

Carol R írta...

Pretty Quaker Sampling!

I always forget TUSAL too so I now post a picture of my jar at the end of the month - if I remember!