hétfő, április 26, 2010

spring cleaning...

I've been plugging along on my stitching, though I haven't had much time or patience for it lately, but I have done a bit more on my Quaker Samplings III. I wanted to see how big it will actually be, so I continued with the alphabet. The line underlining the letters is done right till the end, so that is how big it will be. Since it is so large, it was difficult to get a decent photograph of it. I'm going to put this aside for a bit, and work on something else (not necessarily new, but who knows with me!)

Last week, we also had some lovely weather, so dad and hubby were busy working in the yard to do the spring cleaning. I think this is the earliest we've (read they) have ever done it, but the yard and garden all look pretty now, and we just have to wait for Mother Nature to do her thing with the spring sunshine... though I know in our yard becuase of the way it faces, things take longer to peek out of the ground.

Speaking of doing things early, my lily of the valley are growing like weeds already! At this rate, I just may have some blooms to actually take out to mom on Mother's day, which will be a nice surprise, as normally this isn't the case. I always take some out to her grave after the fact, since they tend to bloom after Mother's day has passed.

I also plan on doing some spring cleaning of my own, but more of the stitching and reading kind. I have way too many books, and way too much stash, so keep watching this space for the results of my purging. Oh, still no sign of my fabric so still no start date for our Sunday SAL for the four girls with Barbi on Sundays... hopefully soon. They did say it was to be mailed this week, but who knows... till then I'll just keep working on other stitching stuff.

After all that lovely weather that we couldn't believe we had, just as a little wake up call, Mother Nature reminded us that after all we do live in Canada, and what else can we expect this time of year but snow...

Saturday evening we had ourselves a spring snow blizzard! To the point that the snow actually stuck to the grass. The one good thing though is that it didn't last, and by Sunday the snow was all melted and faded away like a memory!

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Jucus írta...

Csodaszép hangulatos kis udvarotok/kertetek van! Milyen szép lesz, ha kizöldül minden! A 3. képen az ott gyöngyvirág? Jól látom? Imádom!

katica írta...

Igen gyongyvirag ott a sarokban, en is nagyon szeretem oket! :O)