vasárnap, május 16, 2010

other than stitching (picture heavy)

During those couple of weeks that I was computerless, we also were quite busy with other things as well, especially programs at our cultural center where we volunteer...

The weekend prior to the computer going on the fritz, we had a Hungarian group - Tajtiboy here for a concert, which was very good despite the spring snow storm and low attendance...

(it was hard to take a decent picture with the flashing lights, and the smoke from the smoke machine going, but you get the general idea)

Then we celebrated my hubby's birthday, lots of good friends and lots of good food. There were friends who couldn't make it and they were missed, so hopefully next time they can be there too...

Then came Mother's day, in Europe, they celebrate it the first week of May while here in North America they celebrate it on the second week. We had our Mother's day celebration at the hall on the first weekend. We had a few children recite poems, then the children's dance group danced a couple of dances, and we also had a singer from Hungary here as well, who did a small concert for us - Pomazi Zoli.

The children were fantastic, not to mention 100% adorable, and Zoli's concert was great too. Everyone had a good time, I know I did.

And then on the second weekend in May we had our last dinner and dance of the season at our cultural center - our Polka dot ball. The adult dance group preformed for the guests there and did a wonderful job, everyone enjoyed seeing them dance. However, the only down side was it was difficult to get a decent picture as all mine came out fuzzy.

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