szerda, május 12, 2010

back in cyberland...

I'm back! And almost back to normal! My computer died the day after my last post, and I'm finally up and running again! I wasn't totally gone, I had my the use of my hubby's laptop but I didn't want to fill it with all my stuff, so I tended to just stick to facebook (including my farm on farmville) and reading blogs and emails via webmail.

Its good to be back! Also a good thing that the Saturday prior to my computer dying (still don't know what caused it) I did a backup, so really not much was lost. Now the only thing we need to figure out is how to get my emails and contacts back from the recovery files... we've seem to have gotten everything else but those back... but in time those will be too...

Now on to what I was up to while I was semi computerless... well stitching of course!!!! LOL

Last post, I just put down Quaker Samplings III and was trying to figure out what to work on next... well I decided to pull out a WIP that hasn't been out in a few months, so I grabbed my Antique Lace canvas project. I hadn't worked on this one since October 2009.

I did the filling stitches for the next band down - the one with the flowers in it.

Here it is in its entirety, it looks a little off, as I was leaning over my hubby to take the picture as he held it flat for me.

I still have two bands to fill with the medium grey and then all the little bands need to be filled - those are left black right now, with a darker grey and then I am on the final layer - the backstitch layer which makes it look more lacey... Sadly as much as I enjoy working on this project, I really can't spend a lot of time on it as it seems to make my hands hurt... so this again gets put away for a while...

Next up, is a little freebie I stitched up and made into a scissor fob for a friend's birthday gift.

Its a freebie by Marika Belfiori ( http://www.marikabel.splinder.com/ )stitched over 1 on some mystery 28ct fabric with Ollalieberry Glorianna silk thread (one of my favourite colours by them). There was more to the gift, but I didn't take a picture before giving it to her...

Next up, I decided to again go back to a WIP and I worked on Cappuccino by LHN. Here is that one:

as well as a shot of the whole thing so far:

Well Mother's day came and went, and I didn't get to take any lily of the valley out to my mom, as they are just starting to bloom now. Mother Nature really did a job on us these past few weeks, and really showed us who was in charge. In my last post I mentioned how we had a little spring snow blizzard that weekend, well we managed to get two more of them, the only good thing was that our end of the city didn't get blasted as bad as other parts, though I know the farmers won't complain, as moisture is moisture and they'll take it anyway they can get it. :O)

Knock on wood, we're supposed to have some nice weather the next few days and into the weekend, and we plan on taking full advantage of it! I won't be stitching for a little while now, as the canvas project really took its toll on me, so I'm giving my hands and wrists a little break, at least here at home, since at work I still need to be on the computer.

Anyways, till next time, happy stitching, and happy spring!

*edited to add the website for the freebie, since my link wasn't wanting to work... blogger kept adding the "blogger.com" in front of it

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Abile írta...

Nagyon sok mindent készítettél az utóbbi időben! Nagyon ügyes vagy! Jobbulást kívánok!

Barbi írta...

Your stitching looks great! I love the lace and the freebie! That one is a must do for me :)
Glad that you're all back and restored!

Jucus írta...

Örülök, hogy újra itt vagy, látom, azért szorgoskodtál időközben! Nagyon szép dolgok készültek/-nek!