péntek, július 02, 2010

Canada Day in the city...

We decided to do something different for Canada Day. Normally we either just relax at home, have people over or (eek) go out of town! This year the three of us got ready and headed downtown for an afternoon at Prince's Island...

We braved the crowds, and it was quite enjoyable, we walked around and checked out the all the different stalls and wares for sale, including the best sausage "hot dog" ever. It was absolutely huge and very tastey.

We were only slightly disappointed, as I remember from years ago (when Laci and I still used to dance in the Hungarian folk dance group), that the festivities at Prince's Island had a more international flavour to them. There were none of the city's various folk dance groups performing on the big stage - or really at all for that matter. Hardly any of the nationalities were represented in the available booths, they all just seemed to be missing. Though we did have a good time, and the afternoon was enjoyable, it was just sad to see how things have changed - not necessarily for the worse, but different than what we (I) were expecting. Its definitely been a long time since we were there for Canada Day last!

There were so many Canada geese as well as ducks of all sorts and ducklings, but the best part was watching when the geese dunked their heads under the water. They looked so cute with their tails inthe air, and their feet flailing away to keep themselves under...

After walking around the island for a bit, we grew tired of the crowds and decided to just drive around a bit a do some sight seeing on our own... we ended up in Crescent Heights and tooks some lovely pictures of downtown.

On our way home, we made a pit stop iand in the parking lot was this beauty! We parked right beside him, and the owner was kind enough to let us check out his car (okay we tried not to drool all over it)

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