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cherry season and more.. post 3- last one

Cherry season or I should say sour cherry season is upon us here in our house. We have two small trees in the yard and they are, or I should say were full of cherries. We picked a bunch today. Here are some pictures to enjoy.

We had quite a few this year, bumper crop so to speak. We kept a little for ourselves, and gave most of it away to friends. There is still a lot on the trees but two sets of friends are coming tomorrow to continue the harvest. :O)

I made piskota out of some, as well will try making some hideg meggy leves as well with our batch. I'll let you know how the soup turns out, as we've already tasted the piskota and it turned out pretty darn good!

It also is fire season in BC, and they have some pretty nasty fires burning in the province - quite a few actually, and quite large. The smoke from these fires have blown over to our province as well as supposedly the next province over - Saskatchewan. I took some pictures yesterday of how hazy it was from the smoke. These were taken from the Hungarian hall - the parking lot and the front. Normally from the parking lot we have a clear view of the mountains, as well as on our drive to the hall, we can usually see downtown - not so for either one.

And last but not least a few pictures of our hawks and other wildlife~ :O)

The hawk babies have been getting braver, as it was only just a couple of weeks ago that they were scared of squirels, especially if they got too close on the same tree that they were on, and now the hawks are going after the squirrels.

Also we've had a lot of dragonflies this year, it seems that there are more than normal, and larger too! They are so pretty to watch, just not so much when they fly straight at you!

Well that is enough posting for now, I've basically caught you all up on everything going on here at the homestead! Till next time... and happy stitching!

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