vasárnap, augusztus 22, 2010

stitching update.... post 2

Okay, as I mentioned in my previous post, I have been stitching during my absence, but nothing close to the amount I normally would have had done by now.

First off TUSAL... no posting for me for august's new moon, which was on the 10, as my ort jar didn't change at all, this is my July photo after squishing. I have now finally added some more to it but I'll save those for september's new moon.

I actually also have a small finish that I can share. One of the managers at work was retiring, and I stitched her a little pillow as a gift. I really wanted to stuff it with lavender but with all the painting, packing, family stuff going on, plus my slow stitching speed, I just ran out of time!

I stitched up the main part of Plum Street Samplers freebie design "A Trifle for a Friend" on I believe 32ct light purple lugana over 2 with Nina's threads in Egg plant. I really love the colour of this thread and really like the pattern as well. I can see myself stitching this one up again for myself. I hate to admit it, but those three little flowers took me over a week to stitch, the rest including putting the pillow together 2 nights, as I had a deadline! Thank goodness for the deadline though, as that helped to get my stitching mojo back a little.

I've also worked a little here and there on Molly, our Sunday SAL with Barbi. I didn't quite stitch it on Sunday only, but I didn't do a lot either... here she is and where I am with her.

I don't have a progress picture, but right now I am working on my Quaker Samplings and I can see the end of the tunnel on this one. It should be done soon, I have about a 1/3 of the second page left to do.

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A Trifle for a Friend is very pretty. Eggplant is a lovely colour.
Molly looks great!