vasárnap, augusztus 22, 2010

I'm back...sort of...(picture heavy & post 1)

Wow, I can't believe where the time has gone - its been just over a month since I posted last!

Where to start??? Lots has been happening since I last posted, including a little stitching... I'm not going to say my stitching mojo is back 100% but there has been a little bit going on here and there.

Let's see, my brother and two neices arrived at the beginning of august, but prior to that, the end of July was basically moving stuff, purging, cleaning and in general getting everything ready in the house for them to arrive.

Also during that same time frame - end of July, we finally convinced my dad to let us paint the inside of the house, so the painting of the main floor was also done at the same time. I didn't take too many before pictures, but if you've been to our house you know that the colours inside were bright and interesting to say the least! We stayed with the green family, as that seems to be my dad's favourite, and was the easiest way to keep him to his word to let us paint. Here a some of what I did take, before and after...

It looks like next week, we (I should say my hubby) will be tackling the upstairs, and the wall by the staircase that goes down the basement... once those are done, then painting is done for now. The basement can wait. And the bedrooms are staying the same as they are now too.

Once the family arrived, we've been busy just doing stuff with them. Going for walks to Heritage park and home, Taste of Calgary, the Chinese Festival, hanging out with friends etc. So needless to say we've been busy!

I still have more to share, but I'll continue in a separate post (or two) so as not to bog things down with all the pictures...

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