kedd, november 23, 2010

still catching up...

Not much has been going on that is very blog worthy, but I'm still playing catch up with myself and you guys! I still have posts to finish up from October, but I thought I wouldn't keep you waiting any longer and decided to do a stitching post.

I haven't had the needle in my hand very much lately... as usual here is my very late TUSAL post...

The thread on the very top - the green and gold and if you can see it the grey are all recent from Sunday and yesterday, but otherwise its pretty much as it should have been had I taken the picture on time.

I was actually able to sit down and do some stitching on Sunday. Not a lot, but at least I was able to make some progress on Molly. Poor girl must think I'm ignoring her as I have hardy worked on her in the last little while!

And last but not least I also have a small happy dance to share... I started stitching Christmas ornaments, and here is the first one...

It's one of the trees from Winter Arches by Bent Creek. I plan on stitching the snowman and the candle from the same leaflet as well.

I still can't show you my previous happy dance, as I still haven't been able to give it to the recipient. We just finally were able to get the frame. Now we just need to put it together and hopefully by then the last part will arrive and we can finally give the poor recipient their gift! Its a good thing they don't know they're getting it yet! But once they finally receive it, I promise to share pictures!

Till next time keep warm and happy stitching!

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