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2011 stitching plan...

It seems that everywhere I look on the stitching blogs people have joined in on either the Crazy January Challenge (where you start 15 brand new projects during the first 15 days of January), or the Up for a Challenge (where you list 15 of your various wips and finish those - not sure if you are to finish them in January or through out the rest of the year).

Since I have enough problems of my own with my startitis, and another 15 new starts would be way too much for me, and at the same time, I know I wouldn't be able to list and keep to the list of 15 wips without starting something new.. so I think I 'll just sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else's progress on these Challenges.

I will however outline somesort of stitching plan that I hope to follow this year...

1. I love stitched ornaments (not just Christmas ones) so I thought I would try and stitch at least one a month

2. I have a ton of fantastic freebies just waiting to be stitched, so I will try and squeeze one a month of these as well.

3. Sunday SAL with Barbi -this is going to continue, we're working on Molly by Carriage House Samplings right now, but once she is done, we are moving on to one of the other three girls left in the series, until all 4 are stitched.

4. I have several wips that I would like to either finish or at least make some good progress on this year - I've added their pictures below. Fairy Moon - Mirabila, My Stitching Treasures - Jeanette Douglas, Madonna Dolorosa - Kustom Krafts/Solaria, Heiloom Lace Canvas - SJ Designs, and one more not pictured - Pennsylvania German Alphabet - Goode Huswife (picture in my previous post)

5. I also have at least 3 UFO's (unfinished objects) that haven't seen the light of day in years, let alone have a stitch added to them, that I would like to make a decision about to either finish them or get rid of them... One is my Last Supper, the second is a baby sampler I started years ago, and the last one is ABCD Rouge by Anagram Diffusion.

6. Start whatever new project catches my fancy.

7. After January is over, try to only stitch from stash. I'm giving myself a month grace time for stash shopping. I think out of the entire plan this one will be the hardest to stick to, but I'll give it a shot.

Well see how well I keep on my plan...I'll keep you all updated...

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Ziggyeor írta...

Good luck on the stitching from Stash! I need to do the same on what I have the fabric for! I might have to allow myself to buy fabric for some projects.

Your Wips and UFO's look great.