szerda, január 05, 2011

TUSAL, WIPS and a 2010 stitching review

We weren't home yesterday until late, and then I was tired so I didn't post my TUSAL yesterday. I did remember to take a picture of it, so I'll show you that now...

I also thought I would show you my progress before last night's late stitching session on my PGA by Goode Huswife...

And after last night's stitching session:

Next up, is are my 2010 finished stitching projects... not as many as 2009, but I think I did pretty good if I do say so myself.

Also since being on holidays, I've completely forgotten which day it is, so I missed my Sunday SAL with Barbi and forgot to work on Molly... however, come this Sunday, I will pull her out and put a few stitches in for sure!
Till then... happy stitching and happy new year!

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Barbi írta...

I love your new project! I want to stitch a couple of GHW's this year too! I know exactly which ones I want to as well. Never seen this one though, and I'm sad that it's OOP! :(
Sunday will be a snowy day according to the Global 7, so it'll be a perfect day for stitching! :)

Névtelen írta...

Kati, I love the GHW piece. Is it possible to borrow it from you to stitch or possibly buy it from you when you are done. Please email me at clukacs@zing-net.ca
Love the rest of you stitching from last year.
Happy stitching in 2011

Blu írta...

Lovely finishes in 2010.
PGA looks great!

I must know: what is the name of the 8th photo? X & O & heart? It's so cute!

KarenV írta...

Your GH sampler is coming along beautifully! I really love this piece and it was a fun stitch.

You finished some lovely pieces in 2010 too!

Cath írta...

Wow , you did some lovely projects last year . Going great on your new start too .

Parsley írta...

You've been a busy stitcher. Great start on the TUSAL.

Measi írta...

Beautiful finishes for 2010 - and you have a great start on that TUSAL jar.

Happy stitching!

Daffycat írta...

A lovely update! Thanks for joining my SAL!