szombat, január 01, 2011

last happy dance of the year

I didn't get a chance to post it, but I managed to finish off one more ornament in 2010. Both the stitching and ornamentification of it. If you look at my sidebar with my finishes on it, you will see it listed as a mystery ornament, as it is a gift and I don't want to give the design away.

I also managed to get some stitching done today, I worked a little on the Pennsylvanian German Alphabet (PGA) as well as finished off my happy new year into a little ornament. As you can see from the picture, both ornaments got a beaded border.

Once I get my act together (remember I am known as the Queen of Procrastination) and the recipient recieves their ornament I'll share the design with you.

I also treated to myself to some stash... okay quite a bit of stash. I took full advantage of the various New Year's sales going on at various ONS'. Now to just paitently stalk the postman, if such a thing is possible! Anyone else take advantage of the sales?

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