kedd, május 03, 2011

ort report and wips...

First off let's start with the TUSAL... here is my jar as of last night...

Next up, our SAL with Barbi on Elizabeth. I was actually somewhat productive Sunday and got a nice bit done. It helped that I was super tired all day and was nothing but a lump on the couch and stitched between naps! We had a very long night the night before coming home in the wee hours of the early morning Sunday... I'm getting too old for these late nights, and I just can't handle them the way I used to!

And finally what I stitched last week. Since I couldn't decide on what to work on, I pulled out a wip - my Antique Lace canvas project by SJ designs... I last worked on it in February and you can see the before picture here

No the greatest pictures, they all turned out a bit fuzzy no matter how I tried. But you can sort of see in the first one, a somewhat close up, that the dark grey filling has been done up to and including the row of 7 squares - basically the third row down. 5 rows of dark grey filling to go and then I can start the final layer of backstiching filling stitches... not sure I'm looking forward to that as there is quite a bit to do, but it will be pretty when it is finally finished!

Now I'm off to figure out what to work on this week! Till next time happy stitching!

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Elisabeth is looking great, and the lace canvas is amazing. Great job