hétfő, augusztus 29, 2011

tusal, wips and cherries (picture heavy)

Well its that time of the month already when its time to post our ort jars. I have to admit mine filled up pretty darn nicely this month! Even more so than usual. I think that finishing off the backstitching on my antique lace sampler really pushed things for me.

Here is my jar before and after squishing.

I also have some wips to show off, I didn't get too much done on the Madonna this week, but we did go away for a few days and I didn't take any stitching with me.

Also on Friday part two of the iStitch SAL came out and I stitched it up right away Friday night. I was so proud of myself for getting done so quickly! Now to just patiently wait for part 3.

And then yesterday was our SAL with Barbi. It was actually a pretty quiet weekend, so Iwas able to work on it a bit. It felt nice to stitch on it again. Not sure if Barbi was able to stitch on it or not, but maybe I'll actually catch up to her soon!

Also its sour cherry season again here at our house. This year we didn't a big of a harvest as we did last year, but its still a fairly good amount. I'll end this post with some pictures of this year's harvest...

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