szerda, november 30, 2011

and that's a wrap...

Well I did it! I managed to post everyday for an entire month. I will admit some days it was difficult to figure what on earth to post, but for the most part it was easy and fun. So here is to my first ever successful nablopomo -> national blog posting month!!!

In honour of finishing here are some freebies to celebrate with!

-Ribbon reindeer by Daffycat: click (she has several cute reindeer freebies other than this one)
-Believe by The Sampler Girl: click
-Adore Him by Plum Street Samplers: click
-Christmas tree by The Stitcherhood: click
-Give Thanks by The Stitcherhood: click (just changing the colours could make it more Christmasy)
-Merry Primitive Christmas by The Primitive Hare: click
-Merry Yule by The Primitive Hare: click

Enjoy!!! And remember there is also still time to get in on the fun with my latest giveaway!!! (click)

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Edo írta...

Are you going to continue? You and Barb got me hooked on reading your blogs!!! You must, You must continue :-)