kedd, november 29, 2011

gale force winds...

This past Sunday we had some pretty strange weather, in that we had wind storm warnings for the southern part of our province, including our fair city.

And let me tell you what a wind storm we had! At times it seriously felt like the wind was going to blow the house away! But thankfully we survived with minimal damage, while I know others were not as lucky.

On the news they had said the winds in our area were the same as a category 1 hurricane, and that they measured the wind speed downtown from the top of our tallest building to be at 150 kms/hour at its peak. Most of downtown was actually shut down to pedestrians, transit and cars for safetly reasons.

Anyways, here are a couple of pictures from our yard... luckily all the trees remained intact with the exception of a few branches here and there. We only lost our gazebo - you can see it in the first picture flug to the left of the chairs all broken. The circle of chairs is usually where it sits. And in the second picture we lost part of our fence... and considering how much fence we actually have in our back yard, that is very minimal. The only other damage we had was that we lost two planters to the wind.

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